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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast - with Lotty Roberts

Mar 14, 2021

In this episode I chat to Lisa Anstead - the founder of 'SoulTravelFitness' a health, wellness, travel, and fashion company.

Lisa helps clients feel beautiful in their skin by creating a lifestyle of movement and wellness from a place of love.

Originally from California, Lisa has lived abroad in South America and Asia for almost 10 years.

From a young age Lisa loved fitness and wellness and also spent almost 20 years working in education, specifically early years.

Lisa's journey to find health and happiness, like many, has been a winding road. In her teens a love of fitness, along with trauma and grief, and living in California became the perfect equation for a negative body image.

Then in her 30s Lisa experienced gut issues, hair loss and burn out which sent her searching for more answers. Since western medicine was not giving her answers Lisa found a health coach to do some deeper work, which is what inspired Lisa to train and become a certified health coach and personal trainer herself.

Lisa is now passionate about helping people live healthier happier lives, looking at all areas of their life, making peace with food, eating intuitively, moving their booty, being fully present, and living intentionally whilst pursuing their dreams

Lisa offers health coach, virtual personal training, and has a wellness, travel, fashion, and lifestyle blog at

You can find out about and reach Lisa on:

 -Instagram: @soul_travel_fitness