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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast - with Lotty Roberts

May 30, 2019

Katie is a wife, Mum, health enthusiast and also the 'filter-free' voice and mind behind the popular social media page and website - 'Clean Eats From A Filthy Mouth'. Through this page, Katie shares a lighthearted look at food, fun, and the 'dirt and drudgery' of anti-glam, everyday life.

Katie’s journey in life so far has been a colourful and sometimes challenging path. She’s dealt with an eating disorder and exercise obsession, the loss of a partner through suicide, infertility, and IVF, and has had to face up to with the scary reality of her body falling apart too early, resulting in a total hip replacement at the age of 38. While all of these things have presented major mental and emotional challenges at the time, she has learned some very valuable, and often very difficult life lessons about patience, kindness and acceptance - towards others, but also far more importantly towards herself.