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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast - with Lotty Roberts

Jan 11, 2020

Craig Hudson is Xero's Managing Director for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, a father of 4 and former professional rugby player, spending 8 years playing in New Zealand, France, England, and Wales.

By most peoples measures Craig is an impressive and talented guy with everything going in his favour - only the other part of the story is he has faced many years dealing with bouts of deep depression. During an event (that actually inspired this podcast called 'The Vulnerability Project') in October 2018 - Craig bravely shared his story of depression and facing vulnerability publicly for the first time. A courageous and moving moment. Since then Craig has shared his story several times in the media and more recently at Xerocon in front of 1000's of people. He has become passionate about raising awareness around Mental Health and looking at ways to improve the sobering statistics that New Zealand faces in this area. 

During this interview Craig shares his story, the work Xero is now doing to assist small businesses across New Zealand in providing support for their mental wellness, the importance of showing vulnerability as a leader and his experience of facing into the reality of the vulnerability hangover.