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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast - with Lotty Roberts

Apr 27, 2019

Cheryl is founding director of 'Mind Coach', a boutique leadership coaching consultancy aimed at delivering coaching to leaders across New Zealand.  Her journey in life has seen her face many personal challenges, starting at the age of 18, where was diagnosed with the serious auto-immune disorder - Crohn's disease.  This major event, at a time when she was wanting to be a typical energetic, vibrant and driven young adult, really challenged her expectations, but also sparked her curiosity around the power of the mind.  She experimented with her mindset, using meditation, affirmations, and visualisation to manage and ultimately eliminate the disease.  This interest now extends into her coaching practice where she uses mindfulness, neuroscience and our internal narratives as tools and information for managing our thinking, our stress as well as the overwhelm and overstimulation facing many leaders today.  She shares how her compromised health was the ultimate form of vulnerability (“if you don’t have your health, you have nothing”) and shares some of her philosophies for self-care and tuning into the body’s wisdom, which we so often ignore until it gets too serious or is too late.