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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast - with Lotty Roberts

Oct 10, 2019

Sweden has Greta Thunberg - New Zealand has Ollie Langridge.
Ollie Langridge is a Wellington based business owner, part-time yoga teacher and father of 5, who likes to roam the hills of South Wellington with his trusty dog Spanner.
As well as being (in his own words) a 'regular suburban dad' Ollie is a passionate environmentalist.  So much so that earlier this year Ollie spent 100 days (between May to September 2019), peacefully protesting on the front lawn of New Zealand Parliament in a bid for the Government to declare 'Climate Change Emergency'.
Although Ollie had been gravely concerned about the state of the planet for some time, however the decision to embark on a 100 day protest wasn't preplanned. It all came about when Ollie read the latest UN Biodiversity Report back in May, which warned that our planet was in the middle of a mass extinction that could see one million species go extinct.
In this episode Ollie talks about his experience over those 100 days, how it impacted him, his concerns for our planet and practical steps we can all take individually to make a difference as we face into a potential existential vulnerability that could affect us all.
You can find out more about Ollie and his continued mission to get people to collectively stand up and 'save the planet' on facebook, twitter and instagram under @ThatHumbleMan'.